Symposium en ligne les 27 et 29 avril 2022: Analyzing Ghost-management: Dynamics of Corporate Power in a Risk Society

Symposium en ligne de 2 demi-journées, les 27 et 29 avril 2022 de 8h30 à 13h. Au programme, 10 conférences d’universitaires et de journalistes d’enquête sur les stratégies de « Ghost-management » dans les secteurs pharmaceutiques et agrochimiques. Inscriptions requises.

When profitability depends on risk assessment of products or projects, industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals and agro-chemicals are plagued with corporate scandals about falsifying science and influencing professionals and policymakers. These corporate scandals are often treated as exceptions but they are in fact symptoms of systematic efforts and strategies routinely deployed to shape social and informational structures in ways that benefit commercial interests. We call “ghost-management” the systematic behind-the-scenes efforts and strategies deployed by corporations to shape knowledge, ideas and narratives about specific products. Ghost-Management is corporate power in action. It entails not only the production of knowledge, but also the production of ignorance or uncertainty through the dissemination of false, misleading, or contradictory information. It also entails influencing policymaking and socio-economic structures through lobbying and conflicts-of-interests.